it was the last day. 

 maybe her overall last.

 there was no more training, and she pretty much had the whole day to herself. when he woke up, she went to the first floor, where eros’s room was. rya and ben were there, too. rayne tried to avoid looking at rya after last night.

 ”here,” eros said and he gave rayne a glass of wine. stupid boy. only he would think to give her wine after the last adventure. “you have to indulge, right?”

 so she drank. the four of them eventually traveled to the roof and watched the capitol at daytime. people would stop to gawk at the hotel, knowing that the tributes were there, awaiting their last day. 

 tomorrow. she knew how it worked: wake up early, try to eat, get taken to the arena, get dressed, and let the games begin.

 the odds were not in her favor. 

 she wondered if gabe made any friends here. he had always been more open than her, so she guessed that he had become attached to people.

 maybe that was his downfall. 

 if it was, rayne was already on her way to death. 

 she took a sip of her wine and looked at her friends. honest, loyal, kind they all were. ben and rya, the newly married couple who were expecting as far as she knew. rya was supposed to be her enemy, but they had somehow become friends. ben was always there to protect his wife and her friends.

 and eros. rayne had fallen for him, which had been the worst move she could have ever made. she might have to kill him. how could she had been so stupid. 

 ”guys,” rayne sighed. “if you find me in the arena, and i tell you to kill me: do it.”

 the objected. rayne began to cry. she tried to jump off the roof again. she bounced back again. she cried more.

 they took her to her room and tucked her in. they stayed there until they thought she was asleep. the blamed her episode on the wine. 

 it wasn’t the wine, though.

 she really wanted to die.

when they had left, rayne ordered up more wine. she drank it throughout the afternoon until collin came to find her. when he saw her as such a mess, her took her dinner up to her room and talked to her while she ate it.

 rayne hardly paid attention. 

 ”i don’t want to go,” she said quietly.

 ”you’ll get out of there. i promise.”

 ”just like gabe promised he’d come home.”

 collin didn’t reply. he left after a while.

 again she was alone, waiting for her demise. 

ooc: i miss you too D: and these fics are le sad~ eros wants to give you hugs

ooc: When are we officially declaring this dead…? 

i would say it pretty much died. :\ unfortunate…


Me and Livi are going out of town for 4-5 days, And sean (Fiyero) is in squaw valley. See you guys- er- whatever- in a week

have fun!

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Rayne winces at the bruise. “Shit. Sorry, Rya.” She squats down and wraps Rya’s arm around her. “C’mon.” They all begin to look for a nurse, Rayne dragging Rya along.

Rya cries out as Eros carries her, putting pressure on her leg. ”No..I’m-AHH-it’s fine.” They start to head toward the hall and toward the nurse, but she holds her arm out “No, Ben-OH FUCK-nevermind hurry!” She yelps as another jolt of pain shoots up her leg.

"Sorry," says Eros, and tries to be more gentle. Careful not to brush her leg against any of the walls, he rushes as fast as they can. Finally they come across an Avox and he grabs her attention. "Her leg," he blurts out. "She hurt her leg." He is getting a little impatient at this point, and he hopes the Avox can help them.



Rayne falls into her arms, the weight of her and the power of the fall causing her to buckle, her leg twisting dangerously.  She heard a snap and suddenly an abundant amount of pain shoots up her left leg.  She cries out and drops Rayne onto the mat.  

“Fuck!  Oh god I think I broke my leg!”

The smile slips off Eros’s face as he witnesses Rya’s reaction. Crouching, he peels back the leg of her pant to see a bruise already forming. He doesn’t hesitate and scoops her up as if she weighs nothing. “Way to go, Rayne,” he says, but he’s joking. He stands and nods at Rayne to follow. “Come on, they must have a nurse around here somewhere. Put your pretty little self to use and hold open the door for me.”



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